Sun Prairie Historic Properties

Old Sun Prairie City Hall  City Hall symbolized the optimism of the residents in serving as a community center.  This building housed the village government offices, the library, the police department, and the fire department. The hall on the 2nd floor of the building was a site for bridal showers, dances, lantern slide programs, traveling theater companies, minstrel shows, high school graduation exercises, garden club-sponsored horticultural shows, small farm animal and agricultural shows, poultry shows, political events, athletic events,  business, and industry fairs and high school student recreational center. The building was in constant use.

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City Hall

City Hall

Historic Sun Prairie

Dr. Crosse House - National Register of Historic Properties  

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Plant, Building, Property, Window

Sun Prairie Water Tower - National Register of Historic Places  

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Water Tower

Adam and Mary Smith House- National Register of Historic Properties

Adam and Mary Smith House relocated 2006 Wisconsin State Historical Society article

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